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Selection Criteria

How to address selection criteria

We've never met an applicant who likes writing a job application or who thinks they're any good at it. But you can improve your chances at getting an interview by following a few simple insider tricks. Should you use the "STAR" approach? What should your statements look like? How should you demonstrate your ability? How to make your application stand out, competency frameworks, our top tips, common government job application myths and much more.

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Government Resumes

What's the difference?

Government resumes have a different purpose to a resume you would use for a job in the private industry. And government resumes are changing! We have a range of different resume templates you can use. And yes, they're all free.

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Government Interviews

How to survive the panel interview

If you thought writing your government job application was hard, just wait for the interview! Get our top government interview tips, find out the most common government job interview questions and check out the ultimate guide to job interview answers!

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Government Jobs and how to Get One

If you have never applied for a government job before, of haven't had success in getting a government job, start here.

The perfect place to start to find out how to find a vacancy, write a cover letters, government resumes, writing criteria, government interviews and reference checks. Plus, download your free 'How to Get a Government Job' ebook.

Applying for a government job is a time consuming and daunting process. Your application will look totally different to a 'normal' job application and it will also be assessed quite differently. As government recruiters we know what most people do wrong and have tried to fill in the information gaps. This information is based on the most common mistakes we see government job applicants make and the most frequent questions we get from applicants.

Our Books

Help With Your Selection Criteria and Government Job Application

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Why choose us?

We're government recruiters

We see job applications all the time and know what makes a good application. We know what makes someone's resume, selection criteria and interview stand out above the others because we know what selection panels are looking for, first hand.

We've been in business since 2005

We have a solid history of success which is why government departments and job applicants keep coming back to us for our advice and help.

we've helped over 55,000 people

Tens of thousands of job applicants have read our books gaining insight into what makes a stand out government job application that gets an interview and wins the job.

But more importantly, we know some little tricks to writing solid, stand out selection criteria that will get you noticed.
And we know how to make it easy.


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