Downloading Your Ebook Onto Your iPad or iPhone

1.  Open the email we sent you, and click on the link to your download page.

2.  Click on the download link. The ebook will open in your browser.

IMPORTANT: In order to read the ebook later on, you will need to save it to your ipad / iphone. This download page will expire! See below.

3. Tap anywhere on the ebook and In the upper right hand corner an option box will open, it will say "Open in..." and will give you the option to open the ebook in another app.  Open the ebook in one of these apps and it should automatically save to your ipad and you won't have to go to your email or download page again.

Recommended Apps

If you don't see the option to "Open in..." you will need to download an app.  The following apps are free and we have tested them on the ipad and iphone. (Correct as of April 2013).

It is highly recommended that you also save your ebook to your computer as a back up.